DIY Counter Screens

Skytec Plastics produces DIY Counter Screens for assisting businesses where client / customer and employee / owner health protection are a high priority.
These Counter Screens are made of clear perspex and can be used for the purpose of sneeze shields and sneeze guards.

These Protective Screens are most applicable to Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Dentists, Chemists, Banks, Milk Bars, Service Stations, Work Offices, Call Centres, Cafes and many other retail stores.

The Counter Screens / Sneeze Guard Shields are available in Custom Sizes including 2 Types of Shields built to your counter dimensions and include options for finishing.

IMPORTANT: All our Sneeze Guards are Custom Made to your dimensions and available with Cut Outs.

Plastic Counter Screens / Sneeze Guards at a ChemistSo we can help you with the right options our team require some input on
– dimensions of your counter area   (so please use a tape measure)
– a photo if possible of the counter area
– your dimensions of the Sneeze Guard  (choose from the options)
Noting some quotes will require more than 1 shield.
– your Contact Details
– any further notes

    Plastic Counter Screens Quote

    1. After measuring your counter area fill in the dimensions for the version of Screen you are after.

    2. Select a cutout size and fill in the offset dimension.

    3. Add a picture (if you can with phone is okay) and any comments

    4. Fill in your contact details

    5. Submit the form

    Step 1 - Plastic Counter Screen and Sneeze Guard Types

    Fill in the details for one of the custom screen types.

    Option 1 - Fixed Counter Screen / Sneeze Guard - Straight

    Enter the screen dimensions as indicated in the diagram below. Note: B and C are a minimum 150mm and A is the front width of the counter.

    Plastic Screens with Cutout Dimensions Diagram

    A mm (Front)
    B mm
    C mm

    Height: mm

    Option 2 - Fixed Counter Screens / Sneeze Guard - L Shape

    Enter the screen dimensions as indicated in the diagram below. Note: C and D are both a Standard 85mm. Both C and D are important for Shield structure and helps in rigidity. Dimension A is the front width of the counter.

    Plastic Screens Type 1 Dimensions Diagram

    A mm (Front)
    B mm (Side)
    C 85 mm
    D 85 mm

    Height: mm

    Left or Right Layout:

    Finish and Fitting Type

    These polycarbonate protective screens come with options on finish and fitting.
    Please select your preferred fitting types from Top of the Range Aluminium Trim Fitting or Mid Range Plastic Extrusion Fitting.

    Option 3 - Fixed Counter Screens - Two or More Screens Modules

    Some counter or reception dimensions that add up to or exceed 2440mm in length may have to be made as two or more pieces. i.e. Modules of the above Options 1 and 2.
    Please enter your overall counter dimensions below - Front A and sides B & C as shown in the diagram. If you only need two modules you may also be able to enter Straight (Option 1) and End (Option 2) details above.

    Multi Module Counter Screen Dimensions Diagram

    A mm (Front) B mm C mm Height: mm

    Option 4 - Flat Pack Sneeze Guards

    These are Acrylic Flat Panels with feet that can be freestanding. For all Flat Pack Screen options See and order our Standard and Custom Screens.

    Option 5 - Completely Custom Counter Screen / Sneeze Guards

    For all Custom Screens please see our Screen Shopfitting and tell us more.

    Step 2 - Plastic Counter Screen Cutouts

    You may require cutouts of the Counter Screen for service areas or cashiers or for EFTPOS machines etc.
    Select the Cutout Size from the list and enter the offset dimension as indicated in the diagram below.
    And just check the box if you think you will need more than 1 cutout.
    Note: Cutout is measured in relation to the customer facing side of the screen.

    Plastic Screens Type 2 with Cutout Dimensions Diagram

    Cutout Size

    X mm

    More than one cutout required

    Step 3 - Picture & Comments

    We have a lot of knowledge on implementing Protective Screens.
    So we can assist in the process please try uploading and attaching some pictures of the current counter area (4mb max).

    Number of Screens Required:

    Pick up or Delivery:

    Required By (dd-mm-yyyy)

    Any Additional Comments

    Step 4 - Contact Details


    Company (If Applicable)


    Contact Number


    Suburb / Town



    They are easy to assemble and can be deployed quickly.

    They can cater for large coverage counter areas and come with fitting kits and the options of serving area cutouts.

    Note: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are experiencing slight delays but our team are producing local product every day in our local factory!

    Made in Australia from Australian Made Plastic.