Perspex Cut To Size Melbourne

Need some Perspex cut to size Melbourne Wide ??


Skytec Plastics offer a range of products and services. Perspex sheeting also known as Acrylic, plexiglass is a premium plastic that can be used for many applications including:

At skytec plastics we offer Perspex sheets in many colours. We offer Perspex Cut to size Melbourne wide and we can also provide cut to size Perspex along with full size Perspex sheets.

With a large range of colours, just bring your sizes down and we will cut the Perspex to size.

We also offer CNC routing so that if your Perspex needs to be cut in a specific shape we can also help.

What is Perspex?

Perspex is the premium plastic sheeting material. Suitable for a wide range of applications from display boxes, windscreen replacement, glazing, office partitions even food trays. Perspex sheet offers an excellent warranty meaning you know that what you make will last the distance. With a range of colours consisting of everything from clear, straight colours and also frosted we are bound to have a colour suited for your project.

So if you need Perspex cut to size – Come on down to our factory located in Melbourne as we can help.

Skytec Plastics are the experts in all things plastics including Polycarbonate Sheeting, ABS Sheeting and all things plastic.

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