Polycarbonate Moulding

Do you need some Polycarbonate moulding done?? Skytec Plastics specializes in the manufacture of Polycarbonate Moulded parts and products. Offering a one stop shop solution for all your vacuum forming needs.

Skytec Plastics create the design thru to manufacture of the needed part or product. Whether you require   counter POS displays, caravan parts and components, custom signs, moulded food trays or even playground domes we are the experts.

Our manufacturing facility features tooling making machinery, large vacuum forming equipment, 5 axis routers for trimming,  thru to boxing and packaging finished goods.

Vacuum forming can be a complicated process, so don’t just let anyone mould your part – Let the experts at Skytec!

What is Vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming. The sheet of plastic is heated to a specific temperature, stretched  onto a mould. The vacuum suction then forces the plastic down to form the shape.