Playground Domes

Skytec Plastics are the experts in Playground domes and Polycarbonate dome moulding. With years of experience and all the correct tooling ready to go, Skytec Plastics can assist you with all of your moulded dome requirements. Skytec Plastics currently supply a large portion of the Melbourne and Australia market. So If you have a playground that may require some polycarbonate moulded playground domes contact Skytec Plastics or head down to our factory in Seaford Victoria.Playground Domes

Playground Domes are Designed to let children look out while allowing parents to see in, the clear polycarbonate domes are virtually unbreakable. Our domes are guaranteed to fit perfectly with your current playground housing as we make them to size. Most importantly they are put under extreme testing to ensure they will withstand weather conditions ext.

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